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Mission Statement & Vision

At Neuro Alert, our mission is to provide the highest quality intraoperative monitoring services through our extensive network of seasoned professionals, thereby creating a safer surgical procedure. We place patient care at the very top of our pyramid of business concerns. Since we exist for patient safety, we use neuromonitoring to aim for the best surgical outcome possible, always.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality IONM services available by creating the most educated, capable, and dynamic group of hand-selected, well-groomed physicians and neurophysiological technologists. Each takes pride in his or her work, carries a professional demeanor along with a passion for neurodiagnostics and patient safety, and works with the best available IONM equipment and resources around.

We strive to create competitive value for our customers through quality and economy, while simultaneously serving our shareholders through fair, efficient, and innovative business propagation.

Neuro Alert is grateful for the opportunity to serve our stakeholders, collectively, and we will do all that we can to maintain and strengthen our relationship with our customers.