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Mission Statement & Vision

 Our Mission
Exceptional Patient Care.

Redefining the status quo through innovative partnerships, technology, and data science.

Our Methodology

A. Strategic Partnerships with physicians and health systems promoting excellent patient outcomes.

B. Continuous improvement of our processes and technologies.

  • Consistent reconsideration of the best ways to work with out clients, the best ode of creating a safe and comfortable experience for our patients, and the best processes that make for a happier, results-oriented team.

C. Application of data science to gain clinical and business insight.

  • The exploration of new and upcoming technologies that leverage our team and clients' capabilities to create opportunities for safer and more effective communication with our surgical colleagues.
  • Each clinical and Administration Team is inspired and singularity focused on patient safety.
  • We are the voice for the patient while they are asleep under anesthesia.

E. A commitment to our core values.

Our Company is Our Team

Our culture is one of honesty, integrity, openness, fairness, compassion, loyalty, innovation and fun. We listen to and fight for one another; we work together. As a team, we identify challenges, create solutions and celebrate accomplishments.